”..The God Graveyard, old gods that have been worshiped throughout our history but are no longer prayed to, how many more will be thrown into the wind?…”

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Game of Thrones House Quiz

Your result for A Song Of Ice And Fire house sorting quiz…

House Baratheon

44% Stark, 47% Lannister, 60% Baratheon, 41% Tully, 60% Tyrell, 46% Martell, 49% Targaryen, 39% Greyjoy and 25% Arryn!

- Stubborn

- Tend to see morality as black-and-white

- Often quick-tempered

- Strong beliefs about receiving what they deserve, and willing to fight to get it

- Willing to use any means necessary to achieve their goals, while still justifying these means within their concept of morality

- Prefer direct confrontation over subtlety

- Deep desire for respect



If any of us become famous painters, film makers, photographers, illustrators, et cetera, we have to hide lemons in all our works. It’ll be our inside joke and it’ll confuse historians for centuries, okay? Okay.


Everyone on tumblr seems to fangirl over Logan Lerman and I’m just sittin’ here like ‘is that not the guy in Percy Jackson?’